Parkhills Baptist Church        San Antonio, Tx

Career Transition Ministry
has been discontinued. Online resources will be available for a time.

Our Vision

To glorify God and exalt the name of Jesus Christ by developing and maintaining an on-going Career Transition Ministry for Job Seekers and Career Explorers using Biblical faith-based proven techniques.

Our Mission


Career Transition Ministry provides Christ-centered, biblically based resources to help people discover their vocational calling, career direction, aligned with fulfilling jobs.
Job Seekers and Career Explorers can find their way to meaningful employment through
Career Transition Ministry, which offers a wide array of no-cost services. Whether Job
Seekers are unemployed and looking to reconnect to the workplace or Career Explorers are employed and looking for a career change, Career Transition Ministry has something for everyone.

Our Purpose


To effectively minister to Job Seekers and Career Explorers, by providing leading edge industry information, advisory services and materials, weekly workshops, and networking together. It is not only an opportunity to help people with job search and career direction, but also to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pocket Prayer, The Christian Career Journey,  Susan Britton Whitcomb


"Father in heaven,

You are the author of good works that await me in my career. Thank you for forming me, gifting me with unique abilities, and perfectly preparing me over the past years to take on this upcoming chapter of my career journey.

I do not know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future. I commit my career to You from this day forward and lay my hopes and dreams, as well as all my cares and concerns, at Your feet.

Lead me to opportunities that will allow me to use the gifts You have entrusted to me. May they bless and bring benefit to others. Help me cooperate with You in creating a kingdom career--one that acknowledges Your Son as Lord and furthers Your work here on earth, and eternally. I am Yours. Use me.

In Jesus' name.